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OVALIA is normally played as a 2-player game.

Summary of the rules:

The match is made of two successive "half times." Points are added at the end to make the final score of the game.


Inspired by actual rugby, the allowed combinations reflect the organization of a rugby squad. Each combination corresponds to points that can be achieved in rugby scoring:

Scrum front row: complete (1,2,3) counts for a try (5 points).

Scrum locks: complete (4,5) wins a line-up.

Scrum third row: complete (6,7,8) counts for a try (5 points).

First and third rows can also win "scrums" and progress in the conquest!

Halves: complete half-backs (9,10) counts for a drop-goal (3 points).

Backs: complete line (11,12,13,14) counts for a try + a drop-goal (8 points).

Full back: the 15 allows to convert (add 2 points) every try.

Red card :

Can be put over a card deposited by the opposite player to form a combination : then the latter card is invalidated and the points of the combination are lost.

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(Latest update of the rules: 15/08/2021)

Cards "summary of rules" included in every deck box


Ovalia was born on April 2002

Registered in May 2002, it was designed for the Rugby World Cup 2003 in Australia

October 2002, the rules are a combination game

31/10/2002: web site opening, presenting Ovalia

2011: New phase of strong testing. Ovalia now gets lineouts and scrums.

2012: This game has already convinced a lot of fans on the Internet! You look for a nice game about rugby?

2013: Ovalia has been selected to be presented at the Festival Alchimie du Jeu of Toulouse, France, May 3-5, 2013.

2015: Ovalia is available on-line on and

2016: First Ovalia World Cup, organized in the frame of the Game Festival of Fonbeauzard, France. Creation of the ORB, Ovalia Rugby Board, rules keeper and organizer of future World Cups.

2018: New edition for OVALIA. Revised design for improved playability. Issuing a new deck "Challenger" with 5 new teams.

2019: New deck for OVALIA: OVALIA "Outsider" with 5 more new teams qualified for RWC2019 in Japan.

2021: New deck for OVALIA: OVALIA "Legacy" with 5 more new teams, not present for RWC2019, but qualified at least once for a World Cup



Modified: 11/09/2021