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 Playing cards with a rugby flavor



An original matching CARD GAME inspired by international RUGBY UNION

Players : 2 *

Goal : mark points by achieving remarkable associations of cards.

Inspired by rugby, players match cards which are worth a try (5 points) or a drop-goal (3 points). Tries can be converted to add 2 more points. There are scrums and lineouts. Finally, there is the risk to get a Red Card which freezes a card and cancels the corresponding combination.

*: a rule for 4 players is under development


80 cards forming 5 families of 16 cards each. The emblems represent the most famous international rugby squads in "Ovalia" :

The Wallabies / The English Roses / Les Bleus / The All Blacks / The Springboks

Every family has 15 numbered cards from 1 to 15 representing the players of a rugby team, and a supplementary one representing a "red card".

To read a short presentation or to download the rules follow "Presentation"

To see all cards follow "Cards"



Special Edition: a new deck of 80 additional cards with 5 new suits:

The Red Dragons / The Irish Shamrocks / The Scottish Thistles / Gli Azzurri / Los Pumas


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