How to get OVALIA ?

(Comment obtenir Ovalia?)


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OVALIA is available from two on-demand US printers. The quality is professional. The cards are printed with High resolution. They are US poker size (2.5"x3.5") on premium paper (11.6pt, 320gsm). They are well opaque, rigid and slip very well.


Two editions are available:


  • Basic deck: 80 cards, US poker size, All Blacks; Wallibies; Springboks; France; England


  • Extension deck: 80 cards, US poker size, Pumas; Ireland; Wales; Scotland; Italy


  • The Extension cards have the same back than the basic cards, so both decks can be combined together

Each set contains some supplementary cards:

    1) a summary of the main rules;

    2) a table summarizing the possible combinations and associated point;

    3) two scoring cards.

Several solutions are possible:

1) You may buy OVALIA on the printers websites. Postage fees might be significant depending where you live. Nevertheless, it may be the best solution if you live out of France.

The two sites are:


The Game Crafter


2) You contact me as I might be able to make you benefiting from an author pricing more interesting. This is probably true if you live in France.


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Extra cards available within the boxes of TheGameCrafter edition


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